Light Party
Diner organised in the beach of Cannes or any other location of the French Riviera. The magic of the cinema with screening the best movies of the famous Cannes Film Festival followed by laser show and fireworks.
Thousand and one nights
Recreate the charm of the original nights, with a refined evening under Sheiks’ tents specially decorated for the occasion with carpets, cashmere, poufs, embossed leather, engraved silver etc... Enjoy a spectacular show with belly dancers, acrobats and other entertainers... And why not a FANTASIA to end a memorable evening?
Venetian night
The magic of the Carnival of Venice On a stretch of water, board genuine Venetian gondolas, dress in the grand style of Italian Renaissance, and discover the fun and elegance of a colourful carnival. Illusion and dreams will be with you the whole enchanted evening.
1930 Cotton Club or The Sixties
Recreate the atmosphere of Rock and Roll, Juke Boxes, neon lights... Discover anew the Best of Show business: tap dancers, stars’ doubles, Broadway shows in settings similar to those originally used!
The Emperor's ball
Prestigious evening... Yours guests, dressed in beautiful fancy costumes, will be welcome through a guard of honour made of Gypsy musicians. During dinner, a ballet or a fashion show... The evening will end with an invitation to Viennese waltzes.
Oscars Ceremony
Give a special boost to your best salesmen with an Oscar winning presentation : The setting : a huge sign backstage showing your company logo, a brass band and a professional M.C introducing the award winners ! OPTIONS : Laser Show, A star’s double for each Oscar, Fireworks A dinner dance will end the evening.
Village Fair
Entertainment... Fun Fair... Merrymaking A folkloric group will welcome your guests with music and songs. A walk through the village decorated with buffets offering regional specialities. The fanfare will move along the streets to create a festive air of village fair. Stall keepers will offer their wares. Street dancing and fireworks will end the evening.
Casino Royal
Place your stakes! The stakes are down! The atmosphere (Fake!) is almost real, exciting décor with special lighting effects! Black Jack, Baccarat, Roulette, superbly handled by professional croupiers. Wild gambling! By the end of the night, beautiful gifts will be distributed following an auction sale.
To live an exciting and gun evening, recreate the greatest carnivals of the world NICE – RIO – VENICE An evening with “King Carnival” as the evening star!

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